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Overview of Standard Series - Quick Connectors

Manufactured in aircraft grade aluminium, the colour coded standard series coolant, engine, hydraulic and transmission connectors are fully compatible and interchangeable with industry standard connectors.

These connectors are all made from metal components including caps and plugs and no plastic materials used. The anodising is high quality for quick identification.

Standard Series - Quick Connectors

Features and Benefits

  • Interchangeable with industry standard series connectors
  • Made from 100% metal components
  • Have been used in the mining industry for over 10 years
Description Available
Type / Fitting: Engine Nozzle & Receiver = 3/4” NPT M

Coolant Nozzle and Receiver = 1/2” NPT

Hydraulic Nozzle = 3/4”-14 NPT F
Hydraulic Receiver = 3/4”-14 NPT M

Transmission Nozzle = 1/2”-14 NPT M
Transmission Receiver = 3/8”-18 NPT F

Engine - Nozzle

Part # Description
53-ENBL Engine Nozzle
53-ENBL-P Engine Nozzle w/ Plug
53-ENBL PLUG Engine Nozzle Plug ONLY

Engine - Receiver

Part # Description
53-ERS #1 Engine Receiver
53-ERS-C #1 Engine Receiver w/ Cap
53-ERS CAP Engine Receiver Cap ONLY

Coolant - Nozzle

Part # Description
53-CN Coolant Nozzle
53-CN-P Coolant Nozzle w/ Plug
53-CN PLUG Coolant Nozzle Plug Only

Coolant - Receiver

Part # Description
53-CR Coolant Receiver
53-CR-C Coolant Receiver w/ Cap
53-CR CAP Coolant Receiver Cap ONLY

Hydraulic – Nozzle

Part # Description
53-HN Hydraulic Nozzle
53-HN-P Hydraulic Nozzle w/ Plug
53-HN PLUG Hydraulic Nozzle Plug ONLY

Hydraulic - Receiver

Part # Description
53-HR Hydraulic Receiver
53-HR-C Hydraulic Receiver w/ Cap
53-HR CAP Hydraulic Receiver Cap ONLY

Transmission – Nozzle

Part # Description
53-TN Transmission Nozzle
53-TN-C Transmission Nozzle w/ Cap
53-TN CAP Transmission Nozzle Cap ONLY

Transmission – Receiver

Part # Description
53-TR Transmission Receiver
53-TR-C Transmission Receiver w/ Cap
53-TR CAP Transmission Receiver Cap ONLY
Standard Series - Quick Connectors

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