Key Products – Lincoln PowerMaster III Pumps

The PowerMaster III offers numerous design options such as carbon steel, stainless steel, or hard chrome plated. Besides grease; materials such as ink, adhesives, epoxies, and mastics are pumped economically.

Customers require pumps to handle materials ranging from light fluids to heavy-viscosity materials Industry needs versatility from low pressure, high volume to high pressure, low volume. This can all be achieved with the PowerMaster III’s Interchangeable pump tubes.

• State of the art, fully pneumatic Air Motors
• Full 6" stroke for greater output per cycle
• Newly designed pump tubes offer ratios and outputs to fit any application
• Available to fit most drum or pail sizes
• Complete selection of packing materials available
• Full line of priming equipment and mounting devices
• Pump tubes available in ball style for fluid materials, shovel foot style for high viscosity non-fluid materials


The purposely designed ‘Airbrake’ shuts down pump immediately when excessive pump cycle speed (runaway) occurs. The controller will indicate a system fault caused by empty container or broken supply line and will limit spills due to pump outlet hose failure. It uses an easy to set tamper-proof knob.


Lincoln’s mounting accessories include an elevator (Model 01-001709) to facilitate drum change-over by lifting the pump from an empty drum and lowering it into a new drum with minimum effort. Primers and pressure primers are available for positive priming of viscous materials.


The gland seal of all reciprocating positive displacement pumps is its weakest point and is the single most common cause of pump failure, lost downtime and maintenance expense. Lincoln’s patented gland design uniquely addresses the causes for premature gland seal failure.


The series 3 air motor uses a full pneumatic operation for long life and durability, with only five moving parts. The modular design makes it easier for service and maintenance. Specifically built to be quiet in operation, they are interchangeable with all PowerMaster® III pump tubes.


PowerMaster III pumps are available in two drive types; Hydraulic or Pneumatic, with few moving parts the internal circuit requires no external signal for reciprocation. The Modular design of the Air drive motor also allows ease of service.


To assist the pump mounting, JSG offer the PowerMaster III mounting boss. It can be installed onto the PowerMaster III pump and allows the pump to be easily orientated and rotated into multiple positions allowing the installer more flexibility in the positioning of the outlet line.


Material is transferred from its original container to another point. Typically, the simple transfer of low-viscosity fluids through relatively short supply lines requires low pressure, high-volume pumps. If higher viscosity fluids are involved, or longer supply lines are required, a pump capable of higher pressures becomes necessary. Transfer systems transfer: Printing inks to press fountains, Adhesives to reservoirs on packaging machinery, Lubricants to smaller containers in remote locations & Materials to high-pressure pumps for spray or flow applications.


Material is pumped from original containers through the supply lines to measuring valves or ejectors, which in turn meter precise amounts of material to a work piece. Typical measure systems include: Multiple shots in patterns of adhesives used to bond substrates, such as automobile hoods and doors, Measured lubricant applied to electric motors in appliance manufacturing, Single-shot applications of adhesives or sealants used in manufacturing & Cartridge filling lines.


Material is pumped from the original container through the supply line to a flow gun which applies the material to a work piece. Typical flow systems include: Adhesives applied to substrates for bonding in construction and other industries, Adhesives used in the manufacture of modular or mobile homes, Sealants applied during manufacturing to various parts of vehicles, including sun shields, tail lights, weld lines and hem flanges & Recommended for use where normal pump operation does not exceed 45 cycles per minute.


Mining is one of the most challenging environments for your machinery. The correct choice of material dispensing systems can minimise contamination, thereby ensuring the productivity of your equipment.


To help farmers achieve maximum machine availability and high crop yield, selecting the best ancillary systems for your agricultural equipment ensures your total investment is protected.


In todays highly-automated food processing plants, reliable material dispensing systems are crucial. Examples include pump systems for ingredients or food additives, and sanitary washdown systems for food processing equipment.


Automated and centralised ink supply systems ranging from simple systems for sheet-fed offset printing, complete container systems for heat-set rotation printing, or bulk tank systems for newspaper applications.


Rail transport systems are highly demanding, and must meet stringent safety requirements. Our fuel and oil dispensing systems ensure efficient & clean refuelling of locomotives and workshop service bays.


Material dispensing systems provide considerable benefits to a number of other industries. These include Manufacturing, Glass Production & Metalworking

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