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Overview of Flomax Non-Pressure Systems

FloMAX's new Non-Pressure System can handle over 500 GPM. More than the industry standard, the internal hose system is rated for our regular fuel nozzles at 800 lpm (200 gpm) and our external hose system is rated at over 1500 lpm (500 gpm).

Traditionally pressurized systems have dominated the industry for the past decade or so. This often had issues with operators overfilling tanks and spilling diesel. Causing all concerns of costs and environmental issues. This type of system provides a safe fast fuelling without those concerns. It uses a completely different principle and does not pressurize the tank. It is the safest method of fast fuelling available that is also incredibly cost effective.

Flomax Non-Pressure Systems

Features and Benefits

  • Non-Pressure system
  • Can be integrated into existing tanks
  • High flow rates of 800 lpm or 1500 lpm
  • Operator cannot override the system causing diesel spillage
  • Rollover protection available on every system
  • Multiple variation available to suit many tanks
Description Available
Flow Rates: Internal System = 800 lpm (200 gpm)
External System = 1500 lpm (500 gpm)
Components (Internal): Fuel Vents (internal signal line)
Receiver/Valve Combo
Components (External): Fuel Vent (external signal line)
Receiver (low pressure spring)
Accessories Available: Signal hoses
Fuel hoses
Filter Kits
Material: All parts and components are made from anodised
Aluminium or steel. No plastic components

Internal System - Basic

Part # Description
53-FR-NP Internal Diesel Fuel Receiver/Valve Combo
53-VT-NP-I Non-Pressure Diesel Fuel Vent w/ Internal signal line config (5” stem)
*Note: For more option please speak to a JSG representative.

External System

Part # Description
53-FR-LP Zinc Plated Steel receiver w/ low pressure spring
53-NPV External Valve w/ 3 port signal line
53-VT-NP-E Non-Pressure Diesel Fuel Vent w/ External signal line config (5” stem)

Accessories - Air Filter & Assembly

Part # Description
53-NPS Filter Kit Non pressure system filter kit (1 1/16" JIC M)
53-NPS-FB Non pressure filter bracket assembly
53-NPS Filter 3 micron, filter can only

Accessories - Signal Hoses

Part # Description
53-SL-P-1MTR 1.0m S/S Braided signal hose
53-SL-P-1.5MTR 1.5m S/S Braided signal hose
53-SL-P-2MTR 2.0m S/S Braided signal hose
53-SL-P-3MTR 3.0m S/S Braided signal hose
53-SL-P-4MTR 4.0m S/S Braided signal hose
53-SL-P-5MTR 5.0m S/S Braided signal hose
53-SL-P-8MTR 8.0m S/S Braided signal hose

Accessories - Fuel/Filter Hoses

Part # Description
53-FH-1 1.0m remote filter mount breather hose
53-FH-2 2.0m remote filter mount breather hose
53-FH-3 3.0m remote filter mount breather hose
53-FH-4 4.0m remote filter mount breather hose
53-FH-5 5.0m remote filter mount breather hose
53-FH-6 6.0m remote filter mount breather hose
53-FH-7 7.0m remote filter mount breather hose
Flomax Non Pressure Systems

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