SKF engineering technology incorporated into the latest SKF Lincoln brand PMV pumps

Utilising SKF's worldwide engineering resources, the original 2007 Lincoln designed PMV pumps have gone through a rigorous technical upgrade over the past 24 month to ensure long term reliability & durability. Building on this new engineered design still utilising the PowerMaster III air logic, SKF Lincoln can now provide one of the most technically advanced, long lasting & dependable service pumps available. Currently there are over 2500 PMV pumps in service in the USA market performing to expectation.

New Outlet Body Casting

  • Stronger & more resilient in all critical areas
  • All new PMV grease & oil pumps have this upgraded casting
  • Prevents leaks & pump tube separation under high pressure conditions

New Copper Gasket between Outlet Casting & Pump tube

  • Standard on all PMV grease pumps, 5:1 & 10:1 PMV oil pumps
  • Not used on 6:1 PMV pumps with external casting threads
  • Located between pump tube & casting
  • Replaces O-Ring seal located at the bottom of the pump tube threads on the previous versions
  • Supports new stronger casting by preventing extreme pressure from reaching the critical thread areas
  • Provides added level of protection against pump tube separation
  • Prevents damage due to supply line

Outlet Check for Oil pumps

  • Standard on all new PMV pumps
  • Blocks supply line back pressure from pump outlet
  • Prevents pump damage due to thermal expansion pressure


  • Special Limited five (5) year warranty*

The SKF Lincoln brand PMV features and benefits

Power Master III-based air logic packaged in one-piece, modular assembly:

  • Runs with/without external lubrication
  • No springs, rods or other mechanical connections to wear out
  • Operates in wet and contaminated air

Air cylinder and piston designed for:

  • One-piece air cylinder contains all ports and passages for solid construction; eliminates leak paths
  • One-piece piston with single O-ring sealing and no mechanical connection to springs, spools or poppets provides increased service life and dependability

Single-piece gland nut with divorced fluid and air seals:

  • Easy to maintain over pump lifetime
  • Eliminates chance of fluid entering the air motor due to worn seals

Hard chrome-plated pump rod:

  • Superior sealing
  • Extended rod and seal life

Decibel level:

  • All Lincoln PMV pumps have a decibel level of less than 85 at all normal operation conditions

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