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System Solutions for Supplying Ink to Printing Machines

Automatic ink supply systems reduce waste and dangers of spillage in the workplace, thereby helping to control cost and safety. Being a fully sealed system also reduces the possibility of ink contamination and the need of reprinting.

Ink supply systems are closed pump systems for the supply of printing inks. The closed system prevents any contact with the skin – especially important where UV inks are used, because these inks contain substances that may cause skin irritation. The ink supply systems allow filling from bulk containers.

Tailoring a correct ink supply system for presses increases the productivity of both presses and print company.

Ink - Cost Control

Ink - Cost Control

It is important to note that the performance of an ink pump is not dependent on the amount of ink transported per double stroke, but rather on the actual amount of ink supplied in a defined period of time. This is determined by the number of presses, their consumptions and levels of utilisation.

Material is transferred from its original container to another point. Typically, the simple transfer of low-viscosity fluids through relatively short supply lines requires low pressure, high-volume pumps. If higher viscosity fluids are involved, or longer supply lines are required, a pump capable of higher pressures becomes necessary.

Ink Fountain Filling Options


One Manual method form is by filling via an ink filling tube that is integrated into the ink fountain. The operator opens the ink feed via a ball valve and the ink flows directly into the ink fountain. In this case, the filling process is monitored by the operator. The operators then fill the corresponding small containers that are then used to transport the ink into the fountain.


By pressing a button at the printing unit, the operator opens the ink valve and keeps it open until the desired level in the ink fountain has been reached. The filling is done via an ink filling tube with an upstream ink valve that is integrated into the ink fountain. In this case, the operator also monitors the filling process.


A sensor monitors the ink level in the fountain. If the level drops below the set standard, the ink valve is opened and ink flows into the fountain. An ink filling tube installed across the ink fountain with separately controllable outlet nozzles ensures the even distribution of the ink across the full width of the fountain.

Cartridge Systems

The 2 kg ink cartridge was established as an innovative system especially for sheet-fed printing operations with low ink consumption and frequent colour change, using compressed air the ink is squeezed out of the cartridge by air pressure. The operator distributes the ink directly during the dispensing process across the entire ink fountain.

Ink - Cost Control

The JSG Industrial Systems Solution Available to You

To control the transfer of liquids JSG Industrial Systems offer Lincoln Pile driver or PowerMaster pumps. These pumps from SKF/Lincoln provide the most technologically advanced pumps that are required for today’s demanding applications. The pumps excel in applications that range from the transfer of lighter fluids (oils, solvents, adhesives, etc.) to the movement of medium-viscosity materials (RTV silicone, greases, coatings, plastisols, offset inks, etc.) to the tough job of pumping very heavy-viscosity materials (ink flushes, epoxies, mastics, etc.).

Ink - Cost Control

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