Panel Beating Industry

A panel beater repairs vehicle bodies, they do this using many skills such as planishing as well as various other metalworking techniques, welding, use of putty fillers, and many more. Accident repair may require the panel beater to either repair or replace various parts of a vehicle. These parts may be made from various metals including various steels and alloys, many different plastics, fibreglass and other hazardous substances. Dust from sanding and spray painting can cause damage to respiratory organs. Dust and fume extraction is a necessity in panel beating.

Most tools used in panel beating are either air or electric driven. Hoses and cables laying on the floor can cause trips and falls, the use of hose and cable reels reduces the possibility of this happening.


Portable Fire Extinguishers can save lives and property by putting out or containing fires within the capability of the extinguisher, importantly. It is always better to fight a fire through prevention and early detection.


Potential problems can be caused by hoses and electrical cables lying around shop floors. JSG provides hose and cable reels which rewind and store and protect hose and cable away from hazardous locations on the shop floor.


JSG Industrial Systems is able to supply a comprehensive range of general lubrication equipment such as manual or electric grease guns, oil evacuation systems, spectrum lubricant identification systems and more, designed to improve productivity.

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