Fabrication & Metalworking Industry

Continually satisfying the automotive markets with the supply of world quality fume extraction systems, lubrication systems and equipment plus a full range of diagnostic testing equipment, to meet the needs of the automotive service professional. JSG Industrial Systems are able to call on over 80 years of experience in Industrial markets in supporting the needs of the automotive professional when supplying quality equipment, service and support through our experienced national and international network of distributors.

Given the nature of the work there is always the risk of severe injury or fatality. Some risks are obvious, such as vehicles falling from hoists or jacks, being hit by a passing vehicle while carrying out roadside work, or tyres exploding during inflation. Other risks are less obvious such as the long-term effects of breathing asbestos fibres or fumes from solvents and automotive paints. While there may be risks associated with this type of work, these risks can be avoided.

Backed by world leading manufacturers of oil, air and lubrication systems, as well as exhaust and fume extraction systems, JSG can provide effective solutions for all your workshop and vehicle maintenance needs.


JSG Automated Lubrication Systems increases productivity and increase profits. Automated Lubrication Systems that lubricate all friction points on the machine at regular intervals - while it's running - is a wise investment.


Portable Fire Extinguishers can save lives and property by putting out or containing fires within the capability of the extinguisher, importantly. It is always better to fight a fire through prevention and early detection.


Many metal products are coated at the point of manufacture, using sound JSG Industrial Systems material dispensing practices eliminates problems such as contamination of materials causing finished product rejection.


JSG Industrial Systems is able to supply a comprehensive range of general lubrication equipment such as grease guns, bearing packers, spectrum lubricant identification systems and more, designed to improve productivity.


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