Overview of Hose & Cable Management

Poor hose or cable management on reciprocating or moving machinery can result in premature rupture of hoses and cables. There are a number of causes such as wear, abrasion, kinking, being caught in machinery or passing in-house traffic. Irrespective of cause, the result is the same - increased maintenance costs through machine down time, plus the cost of repairs, and consequential damage.

Hoses and cables lying around shop floors or hanging from ceilings can cause potential problems affecting maintenance costs and creating a potentially unsafe work area.

JSG provides a wide range of reels that are sure to fit your price point, and your application. These can be supplied with or without hose, and are all backed by our support team and many years of experience.


Presenting the NEW GENERATION Lincoln Spring Driven Hose reels. Sturdy in construction and built to a high quality finish for use in heavy duty applications, these reels achieve an attractive and functional way to store hose for a wide range of applications.
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The sturdy steel construction and strong, long life power spring ensure that your Lincoln Hose reel performs beyond expectation.The hose outlet roller arm is adjustable in various positions, and the reverse rotation ratchet positions the hose at the desired length.
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Faicom POwder Coated Reel

Faicom reels are made from a hot-galvanized steel which is powder coated to ensure maximum strength and durability. They can be used in many applications such as compressed air, nitrogen, water, oil, antifreeze, windscreen liquids, grease, fuel, AdBlue and oxy/ acetylene. The series is available in closed or open versions.

Faicom Stainless Steel Reel

Stainless Steel hose reels are available in AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel. They are suitable for applications such as wash-down, potable water, compressed air or diesel fuel. Industries include food and beverage, slaughterhouses, fish markets, dairies, large kitchens and chemical industries. The series is available in closed or open versions.

Faicom Cable Reel

Faicom cable reels are easy to use and allow the electrical cable to be readily available at the desired length. These reels minimize cable wear and improve operator’s safety. The MPRT curtain-support reels are designed to support curtains used for the separation of environments such as welding, grinding or painting sections.


Available in Air Assisted and Hydraulic driven hose reels and in a variety of sizes from 1/2” up to 1 ½”. Can be used for diesel fuel, high pressure grease, compressed air and lubricating oils.
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Field service vehicles and workshops provide maintenance to heavy mining vehicles involving lubrication, oils & coolants. Appropriate hose and cable management systems ensure these sites run effectively & efficiently.


Whether it be offshore or land based, the Oil & Gas industry is prone to extreme environments which demand high quality hose & cable management systems with low downtime.


Static discharge reels or Bonding & Grounding systems, connect two or more pieces of equipment to keep the same electric potential among them, preventing static sparking. There are end connectors available for all cables lengths and types.


From diesel to chemicals the safe transfer of these fluids is critical to most businesses. Specialised hoses and components are required to ensure these chemicals don’t cause issues during transfer.


Gleason Heavy duty I-Beam Supported Festoon Systems are designed for high speed and high load applications. Maximum speeds, dependant on model range from 107 to 244 metres per minute.


Gleason Reel can provide a range of products for the entertainment industry that can power the audio, video & lighting needs while providing all the electrification requirements to the stage & screen sets.


Duration: 3.35

Author: Gleeson Reel

This video shows an overview of the full Gleason Reel product offering.

Automotive Robot with Gleason's PowerTrak Cable Carrier - PT45G

Duration: 4.01

Author: Gleeson Reel

Automotive Robot with Gleason's PowerTrak Cable Carrier - PT45G.

Gleason Reel: How to Adjust Roller Guide Arm

Duration: 3.00

Author: Hubbell Electrical Systems

This video goes through steps to adjust the roller guide arm position on your Gleason® cable or hose reel. Please consult the IOM manual supplied with your reel for more details. Tools required.

Gleason Reel: How to Adjust Reel Tensioning

Duration: 2.37

Author: Gleeson Reel

Watch step-by-step instructions on how to add or remove cable or hose pull tension on your reel. The sample used in the video is a Gleason® Cable-Master Reel, but the same basic instructions can be applied for all similar designs.

45G NexGen PowerTrak

Duration: 0.55

Author: Gleeson Reel

Gleason's 45G NexGen PowerTrak in automobile plant.

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