Grease Coupler


Introducing the all new Flomax Grease Coupler. This unit will transfer bulk amount of grease or very high viscous materials clean and fast. The unit connects and disconnects with ease and does not require additional valves to operate. Operators can use the unit simply without extensive training as the unit can connect & disconnect under pressure and eliminating grease injector injuries and operators sprays.

One way check in the receiver prevents grease flowing back out. The nozzles and receiver follow the Flush Face design allowing the units to be easily cleaned and less likely to collect contaminants.

Flomec Small Capacity Flow Meters

Features and Benefits

  • Disconnect and reconnect under pressure without fear of spray or kickback
  • It is designed for bulk grease transfer and can handle high operating flows
  • Operates with high working pressures
  • Designed to handle aggressive operators
  • Stainless Steel design to endure the harshest climates and environments
  • 1” NPT female thread
  • Patented designed
Description Available
Fitting Size: 1"
Fitting Type(s): NPT FEMALE
Available Range of Flow Rates: Pending application – Speak to a JSG Rep
Nozzle = 1.382kg
Receiver w/Cap = 0.880kg
Material: Body = Stainless Steel

Nozzle = 53-FLNG
Receiver = 53-FLRG-C

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