Overview of G Series Precision Meters

These meters are commonly used in industrial applications that require high accuracy. All meters in the G-series range are made from 316 stainless steel bodies for use in specialised applications. There is also the option for a milk meter which has the 3A sanitary rating suitable for SIP and CIP.

GPI G Series Precision Meters

Features and Benefits

  • Meter can come with or without display (without display requires additional equipment)
  • Various connections options from BSPP, NPT, ANSI-150 and Sanitary Clamp (tri-clover)
  • High precision accuracy and repeatability
  • Instrument mounted options available (4-20mA, pulse, scaled pulse etc)
Fitting Size / Fitting Type: 1/2 inch – NPT/BSPP/ISO/
3/4 inch – NPT/BSPP/ISO/ANSI-150 RF
1    inch – NPT/BSPP/ISO/ANSI-150 RF
1.5 inch – NPT/BSPP/ISO/ANSI-150 RF
2    inch – NPT/BSPP/ISO/ANSI-150 RF
3    inch – NPT/BSPP/ISO/ANSI-150 RF
Available Range of Flow Rates: 2.2 – 2271 LPM (General range – not meter specific)
Accuracy (% of Reading): 0. (Linearity)
Magnetic Pick-up: Wire Lead Low Drag
High Temperature (Std/Low Drag)

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