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Overview of Flomax Spectrix Flush Face Series – Revolutionary Designed Product

Exclusive to JSG Industrial Systems.

The all new Spectrix Flush Face series Quick Connectors are designed to eliminate cross-contamination. All units are thoroughly tested beyond operational expectations and ensure a leak free fluid transfer.

MULTICOLOURED; the unique design allows a variety of colours to ensure each one cannot interchange with the other to eliminate cross contamination.

FLAT FACE; each receiver and nozzle has a flat face preventing the ingress of soil and foreign materials, which can sometimes accelerate wear on the receivers and nozzles as well as contribute to contamination.

QUALITY; combined with hardened steel and aircraft grade aluminium and thoroughly tested beyond normal operating parameters to ensure smooth operation in various conditions.

Flomax Spectrix Flush Face Series

Features and Benefits

  • Flush/Flat Face which prevents soil and particle ingress
  • All receivers and nozzles are made to 3/4"NPT
  • Nozzles have option to have a 3/4"JIC thread
  • One Evac tool that works on every receiver (one way only)
  • Light weight compact design allowing for easy installation
  • Plug and play feature with no training required
Description Available
Fitting Size / Fitting Type: 3/4" – NPT (Receiver & Nozzle)
3/4" – JIC Male (Optional Nozzle Thread)
Available Range of Flow Rates: Can handle flows up to 242 LPM (64 GPM)
Pressure: Operating Pressure: 103.40 (1500 psi)
Burst Pressure: 172.50 (2500 psi)
Sealing Material: Static Seals = Nitrile
Dynamic Seals = Fluoro Silicone Seals
Body Material: Hardened/heat treated stainless steel surfaces
Anodised Aluminium


Part # Description Colour
53-FLN #1 Red
53-FLN #2 Gold
53-FLN #3 Teal
53-FLN #4 Violet
53-FLN #5 Navy
53-FLN #6 Brown
53-FLN #7 Blue/Grey
53-FLN #8 Clear
53-FLN #9 Green
53-FLN #10 Grey
53-FLN #11 Bronze
53-FLN #12 Orange
*Note: Please add –J after the N for JIC M option.


Part # Description Colour
53-FLR-C #1 Red
53-FLR-C #2 Gold
53-FLR-C #3 Teal
53-FLR-C #4 Violet
53-FLR-C #5 Navy
53-FLR-C #6 Brown
53-FLR-C #7 Blue/Grey
53-FLR-C #8 Clear
53-FLR-C #9 Green
53-FLR-C #10 Grey
53-FLR-C #11 Bronze
53-FLR-C #12 Orange

Evacuation Tool

Part # Description
53-FLN#16EVAC Black
53-FLN-J#16EVAC Black
Flomax Spectrix Flush Face Series

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