Integration with evolving technologies


Integration with Evolving Technologies

MusterII system integrated into automated mining truck fleet

A well-known mining operator is taking the challenge to integrate advanced technologies into their machines. Not only to improve safety but also to increase the productivity, lower energy consumption and reduce impact on the environment. As part of the process the company has partnered with the MusterII Fire Suppression System for its mobile fleet fire system requirements.

With the evolution of technologies used today to improve efficiencies; many companies are focused on how they can benefit from incorporating advancements into their equipment. For most, there is real opportunity to evolve safety systems currently used to meet evolutionary needs of the future.

One of the world’s most prominent mining operators has been running a trial program of ‘fully automated’ or ‘unmanned’ diesel electric dump trucks for a number of years. They have selected the MusterII Fire Suppression System to provide protection for their latest vehicles for fire protection. They chose the system because of its capability to integrate with autonomous control monitoring hardware enabling the highest level of fire system information back to the control centre.

Integration with evolving technologies

Integration with evolving technologies

The MusterII system is flexible in the way it delivers critical information to a reporting point. It is designed to enable direct connection to many of the major OEM remote communication systems or even through its own ‘add-on’ telemetry components. Furthermore the advanced technologies included into the standard design of the MusterII Alarm Panel and associated monitoring components are the perfect complement to the cutting edge innovations desired by the mining giant.

The range of information available through the Alarm Panel enables prompt and a targeted response to any system event or signal. Each event is recorded with time and date stamping to give a complete history of servicing, pressures, automatic fire detection and activations, manual activations, system recharge and self-diagnosis of system integrity. This information is available whenever the analysis is required.

All this adds up to more productivity and increased protection of valuable equipment, not to mention ensuring the safety of nearby personnel. There is no piece of mobile equipment that cannot be protected thanks to the advanced technologies offered in the MusterII Fire Suppression System.

The JSG Industrial Systems Solution Available to You

In addition to fire system protection of mobile fleets around the world, MusterII is supported by highly skilled service and installation technicians through our network of distribution partners. This means that if you have a fire protection problem, a MusterII technician is nearby to solve it.

If your company or business aspires to be a leader in safety system technologies then MusterII is the fire protection product for your mobile fleet.

To find out how the MusterII Fire Suppression system can integrate the latest fire system technologies to your equipment contact JSG Industrial Systems to talk with one of technical experts.

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