Overview of Diesel & Fluid Management

Many industrial vehicles use Fast-Fuel technology to allow speedy refuelling of both diesel and other fluids such as engine oil, coolant and hydraulic fluid. Having the right system in place allows the user to fill and evacuate fluids quickly, efficiently and safely with minimal spillage.

One of the advantages of having the right system in place can eliminate dirt, dust and contamination in diesel fuel and other fluids. Another is by increasing the safety of the service personnel providing a spill–free environment. JSG are proud to have available Flomax International as a leader in the industry of fast fuelling systems by delivering systems to mining, construction, heavy earth moving, on road trucks, agriculture and marine vehicles and machinery.


The all new and exclusive Spectrix Flush Face Series are designed to eliminate cross-contamination. Available in 12 various colours and a Evac tool suited for all receivers.
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Flomax provides a simplified solution for the fuel theft. Their innovative design allows maximum flow with minimum back pressure and prevents fuel theft.
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With its patented modular backpressure sensor Flomax has the longest lasting and most dependable diesel fuel nozzles. All metal construction, nickel plated steel piston cylinder, and stainless steel nozzles.
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Designed with a patented enclosed poppet stem spring, removing the spring from the fuel path which increases flow, reduces backpressure and vibration. Compatible with industry standard nozzles.
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Manufactured in aircraft grade aluminium, the colour coded standard series coolant, engine, hydraulic and transmission connectors are fully compatible and interchangeable with industry standard connectors.
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Available in 3/4” or 1”, connectors are non-interchangeable with the other colours and are made from aircraft grade aluminium. Latching mechanism uses 10 stainless steel ball bearings for greater strength distribution.
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These vents are manufactured using aircraft grade anodised aluminium giving superior strength. The float and sealing balls are housed in a ridged ball tube to ensure a positive seal that will not be damaged by vibration and movement.
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FloMAX's new Non-Pressure System can handle over 500 GPM. More than the industry standard, the internal hose system is rated for our regular fuel nozzles at 200 GPM and our external hose system is rated at over 500 GPM.
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In the mining sector it is important to ensure the vehicles are always ready. Using the Flomax technology ensures the vehicles are quickly serviced with little downtime.


Farming vehicles are used in harsh environments and cannot afford long downtime. Flomax equipment can ensure maximum operational time without the fear of cross contamination.


Flomax can save time and money on construction sites with machinery and vehicles being field serviceable and always ready to work.


Many marine companies can use Flomax technology to ensure safe and quick transfer of diesel fuels and other fluids service their fleets.


On busy docks around the world, various machinery and vehicles are used to load and unload shipments. Flomax technology reduces downtime by lowering servicing time.


Other industries such as councils, transport and railways can use Flomax as a way to reduce service downtime and reliable operation of their vehicles.

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