Flomax Flush Face Series


Overview of Flomax Diesel Fuel Receivers

Designed with a patented enclosed poppet stem spring, removing the spring from the fuel path which increases flow, reduces backpressure and vibration. Compatible with industry standard nozzles.

Flomax offer many types of receivers to suit various needs. From full anodised aluminium and zinc plated steel to low-pressure options used in non-pressure systems. We can also offer the patented removable sleeve option which saves time and money on maintenance. These units are compatible to the industry standard nozzles regardless of make or model. All of the components, including the caps are made from metal.

Flomax Diesel Fuel Receivers

Features and Benefits

  • Patented enclosed poppet stem spring
  • Variety of options available
  • All metal components (No plastic)
  • Can handle high flows with minimal vibrations from obstructions
  • Available in Aluminium or Zinc Plated Steel
Description Available
Fitting Size / Fitting Type: 2" NPT MALE
(Suits any industry standard nozzle)
Available Range of Flow rates: Minimum 150 lpm (Min. for operation)
Maximum 1500 lpm
Weights: 1.0 kg (2.2 lbs) to 0.73 kg (1.6 lbs)
Material: Body = Aluminium

FN600 Models

Part # Description
53-FRA-C Anodised aluminium w/ cap
53-FRS-C Zinc plated steel w/ cap
53-FR-RS-C Aluminium receiver & removable sleeve w/ cap
53-FRS-LP-C Zinc plated steel – Low pressure (for Non-Pressure systems) w/ cap
53-FRA-LP-C Anodised aluminium – Low pressure (for Non-Pressure systems) w/ cap
53-FR-RS-R Replacement sleeve for 1.5“ receivers (can also be ordered for Non-Pressure systems)
Flomax Diesel Fuel Receivers

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