Fire Suppression Systems


Design Program

The MusterII Design Program reflects our commitment to technology.

Available only to fully trained and authorised personnel, this easy to use software has a host of features that greatly assist in the development of accurate fire suppression solutions. We provide regular updates to the software, which include new machine type schematics, updates to service & commissioning documentation, and enhancements to the programs overall design functions.

The Risk Assessment module of the Design Program provides a structured platform on which to carefully prepare risk assessments for your customers equipment. The module supports risk assessments for new installations, system inspections, system repairs and system upgrades.

The program generates a PDF document that details all of the information required by each of the stakeholders in the system. This includes the customer, the installer and the maintenance team. The Commissioning Documentation tracks all of the key components by serial number, and this information is then submitted via our online portal for future reference.

Muster Design Program