Key Products - Faicom Cable Reels

FAICOM automatic hose reels are suitable to safely distribute fluids such as compressed air, water, oil, grease, diesel fuel, urea (AdBlue) and welding gases. The reels are used in a wide range of sectors, such as garages, car washes, industry, agriculture, food industry and meat processing industry.

The use of Faicom hose reels makes the workspace more efficient and tidy and gives you considerable advantages such as:

  • SAFETY by removing the danger of hoses lying on the floor
  • LONGER hose life as the hose is safely stored up cannot be damaged
  • TIME SAVING by avoiding the manual disentangling and picking up hoses
  • COMFORT because hoses are only extracted for the desired length and automatically wound up
  • HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY since the tools are always easily reachable
  • HYGIENE in food environments because the hose does not collect impurities as it is recoiled
  • Electric Cable Reels

    Electrical cable reels made with shockproof plastic structure and metal support bracket. Available in 230V and 380V versions. The revolving support allows to orientate the reel according to the cable direction of use. The cables are made of PVC or high quality rubber both for single-phase or three-phase use.

    Curtain-support Cable Reels

    The curtain-support cable reels are made of powder coated hot galvanized steel, while the support structure is made of galvanized steel. The system is composed of a 180° revolving arm to be fixed to the wall, a reel, a positioning grip and a tensioner to be fixed on the opposite wall.


    Field service vehicles and workshops provide maintenance to heavy mining vehicles involving lubrication, oils & coolants. Appropriate hose and cable management systems ensure these sites run effectively & efficiently.

    OIL & GAS

    Whether it be offshore or land based, the Oil & Gas industry is prone to extreme environments which demand high quality hose & cable management systems with low downtime.


    From diesel to chemicals the safe transfer of these fluids is critical to most businesses. Specialised hoses and components are required to ensure these chemicals don’t cause issues during transfer.


    There are many industries that benefit from correct hose & cable management systems. These include; Printing, Water Supply, Automation, Pulp & Paper, Theatre and Staging plus many more....

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