Flomax Flush Face Series


Overview of Flomax Anti-Theft Diesel Fuel Receiver

Flomax provides a simplified solution for the fuel theft. Their innovative design allows maximum flow with minimum back pressure and prevents fuel theft.

The removable sleeve option allows the worn sleeve for a fraction of the cost and not having to empty the tank or completely remove the receiver. This increases the speed of the maintenance whilst reducing the downtime costs. The mechanism is built into the receiver itself thus it does not require a secondary component and limiting costs.

Flomax Anti-Theft Diesel Fuel Receiver

Features and Benefits

  • Unique design operates with a single component. No secondary item required
  • Receivers are compatible with industry standard nozzles regardless of brand or model
  • Can fit into existing tank configurations with 2" NPT female threads
  • Removable sleeve option available for quick and easy
  • Plug and play feature with no training required
Description Available
Fitting Size / Fitting Type: 2" NPT M
Available Range of Flow Rates: Flows between 150 to 700 lpm
Weights: 0.73 kg (1.6 lbs)
Material: Body = Aluminium
Rem/Sleeve = Zinc Plated Steel

Anti-Theft Receivers

Part # Description
53-FRA-AT Aluminium Anti-Theft (no cap)
53-FRA-AT-C Aluminium Anti-Theft w/ Cap
53-FR-RS-AT Aluminium Body Anti-Theft & Zinc Plated Removable Sleeve(no cap)
53-FR-RS-AT-C Aluminium Body Anti-Theft & Zinc Plated Removable Sleeve w/ Cap
53-FR-RS-R Zinc Plated Removable Sleeve – Replacement Sleeve
53-FR CAP Receiver Cap w/ Steel Lanyard
Flomax Anti-Theft Diesel Fuel Receivers

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