Overview of A1-Series Water Meters

The A1 meter are packaged as a self-contained battery powered units unit that provide accuracy for fuel, water and mild chemical applications. Calibrated to read in both Litres and Gallons with two totals (1 x accumulative and 1 x batch).

These meters are accurate up to 5% depending on the application and can be accurate up to 1.5% if field calibration is done. The units comes with the same computer used in the G2 Series meter (09 Computer) and is compatible with the G2 Series modules.

GPI A1 Series Water Meters

Features and Benefits

  • Available in NPT, BSPT & BSPP
  • The G2 modules are also compatible with the A1 series
  • Light weight compact design allowing for easy installation
  • Lithium battery has a 5 year service life
Fitting Size / Fitting Type: 1 inch – NPT/BSPP/BSPT (Aluminium & Nylon)
2 inch – NPT/BSPP/BSPT (Aluminium Only)
Available Range of Flow Rates: 1 - 190 LPM (0.3 – 50 GPM)
(General range – not meter specific)
Accuracy: +/- 1.5 % of reading
(application specific)
Temperature: -18 to +60 ºC (-40 to +140 ºF)
Supplied With: Instruction manual And Calibration Report as standard
A1 Series Water Meters

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