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Lincoln SA put on a live fire demonstration of MusterII in South Africa

Lincoln SA recently invited a range of OEM’s, end users & distributors to attend a massively successful Customer Day where a range of live fire demonstrations were executed to show the performance benefits of the MusterII Fire Suppression System.

As part of a promotional campaign led by Lincoln SA’s fire system division, the guys set up a range of live fire scenarios for extinguishment by the MusterII Fire Suppression System at a fire test ground in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The fires were impressive in size & heat to say the least, being set in a series of fuel trays in vehicle bodies for the MusterII System to apply AFFF through a network of distribution nozzles. The outcome was to achieve successful & fast extinguishment of the fire & cooling of the hot metal surfaces by smothering the fuel & prevent re-ignition.

Attendees were treated to presentations from a range of speakers from both Lincoln SA & JSG Industrial Systems, who talked about how the companies provide exceptional manufacturing, product training, support & designs for every conceivable piece of plant in operation today. The Original Equipment Manufacturers, End Users & Distributors alike all agreed the day was informative & enlightening as to how they can reduce the consequence of fire incidents for their machines & provide piece of mind to their customers.

In what can only be described as a hugely successful event was the Lincoln SA Customer Day, held to promote the benefits, features & exceptional performance of the MusterII Fire Suppression System when applied to vehicle & industrial fires. By bringing together the wealth of knowledge from each of the key areas in the supply network, attendees were able gain important insight as to how they could reduce their fire risk potential at all levels with the MusterII System.

A range of product displays showed all of the various components in the current MusterII range as well as some of the development items to generate interest for the new applications that will be available in the near future.

Lincoln SA put on a live fire demonstration of MusterII in South Africa.

David Coates & William Van Rooyen spoke of the Lincoln SA company highlighting the wide coverage their service teams provide to an existing customer base & the range of high quality products they associate with to provide a complete service solution.

Steven Phillips, as the MusterII manufacturing representative, discussed the technical features & benefits of the product having himself years of fire suppression experience, with many other products available for mobile equipment throughout the world.

So many positive features are incorporated in the system to ensure functionality in the harshest of operating environment, prevention of unnecessary machine downtime, save installation personnel time assembling the system & taking less time to maintain the working system once in operation, with highly informative tools all equating to considerable savings to any equipment owner.

Lincoln SA put on a live fire demonstration of MusterII in South Africa.

Niel Terblanche & Darrin Bustin of Lincoln SA did an exemplary job organising the event, from sending out invitations, setting up the area & equipment, right down to running the live fire demonstrations. Niel heads the Fire Systems division for Lincoln SA & is supported by Darrin as his right-hand-man. Together these guys are intimately involved with every fire system installation for the company which shows in the high quality, well finished product that provides fire protection to each machine.

Firstly the guys demonstrated the capability of a single nozzle as part of a complete system. This lone nozzle extinguished an intense fuel tray fire, following a significant pre-burn period to elevate heat & size of the fire, before knocking it out in a matter of seconds.

Next was the rolling body demonstration. A series of fuel trays were positioned inside the body of a South African taxi with a complete MusterII System installed.

Again, a significant pre-burn period was allowed to elevate the heat & size of the fire before manual activation of the system took place. As you can imagine this was quite an impressive demonstration given the size of the flame produced & radiating heat. Once again, knocked out very quickly.

Lastly was the same rolling body demonstration with the addition of MusterWire automatic fire detection. The purpose of this scenario was to show how quickly the MusterII System would detect a fire & activate to extinguish long before the fire became anywhere near as intense as it could possibly become if unnoticed.

What a difference! The fire was quickly detected as it was just beginning to build in heat & the system knocked it straight out.

In a real life situation this would dramatically reduce the potential damage to a machine, once again saving valuable time & money to get the equipment running again.

Lincoln SA put on a live fire demonstration of MusterII in South Africa.

Videos of the fire demonstrations can be viewed at or

The JSG Industrial Systems Solution Available

Lincoln SA put on a live fire demonstration of MusterII in South Africa.

The MusterII Fire Suppression System is tailor made to suit every machine, in any operation, in any environment.

This is achieved through quantitative risk assessment to determine what fire risks are actually present, taking into consideration where, how & what environment the machine is working in.

From here the extinguishing application rates are determined from the surface calculation of each fire risk area to then determine the size of extinguishing agent cylinder/s needed for effective protection.

Ultimately, the End User gets a system designed specifically to protect their personnel & valuable equipment.

The Lincoln SA team have excelled in their efforts to promote the MusterII Fire Suppression System in South Africa & there is a wider network of MusterII distribution partners around the world that can provide you the same high level of assistance & quality product.

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